What Kind of Food Should I Serve at My Wedding?

What Kind of Food Should I Serve at My Wedding?

Deciding what kind of food to serve at your wedding is just as important as anything else involved in the planning. It is helpful to base your menu on what foods are in season and what guests would like to eat. New Mexican cuisine is a great option for any wedding. It is diverse, tasty, and appeals to many different palates.

How do I Decide What Food to Serve at My Wedding?

Aside from the season, the type of wedding should be taken into account. You will need to decide if you are having a sit-down style wedding or a more casual event. What are the best wedding food ideas? Well, the type of wedding you are having has a big impact on what food you should serve. Keep the season and style of the wedding in mind when planning a menu to best impress your guests.

Below are some New Mexican options you could serve at your wedding, all based on which season your wedding takes place in. Read on to discover what to serve at a wedding reception.

Spring Wedding Menu Suggestions

What should I serve at my Spring wedding?
What Should I Serve at my Spring Wedding?

If your wedding take place in Spring, consider serving food that is usually available in the springtime. You may want to add floral touches to your table setting to achieve a spring-like feel. Choose food that is seasonal for this time of year.

Some great ideas for Spring time wedding food:


  • Street style mini tacos with seasonal ingredients
  • Empanadas
  • Mixed salad with a cilantro-lime dressing


  • Margaritas
  • Mexican Mule
  • Self-serve mimosas

Wedding Entrees

  • Tacos with seasonal veggies
  • Chicken with rice and beans
  • Chile Rellenos


  • Frescas con crema
  • Mexican fruit cups

Wedding Menu Ideas for a Summer Wedding

What should I serve at my summer wedding?
What Should I Serve at my Summer Wedding?

If your wedding takes place in the summer, try choosing food that helps your guests beat the heat. You can serve in season foods like watermelon, strawberries, and pineapple along with drinks that are refreshing and cool. There are plenty of options for summertime food with New Mexican cuisine, as Mexico is known for its heat!


  • Mango Salsa
  • Pineapple Salsa
  • Mini tacos with pineapple
  • Mexican street corn


  • Mojitos
  • Cocktail poletas
  • Mexican Mule
  • Strawberry margaritas
  • Sweet tea

Wedding Entrees

  • Baja fish tacos
  • Grilled shrimp tacos
  • Avocado black bean quesadillas
  • Pulled pork tacos


  • Mexican fruit salad
  • Flan
  • Key lime pie
  • Horchata ice cream

Fall Wedding Menu Suggestions

What should I serve at my fall wedding?
What Should I Serve at my Fall Wedding?

Fall is becoming a popular time to get married due to the cooler and more predictable weather. There are plenty of seasonal vegetables such as pumpkin and squash that can be used for a fall wedding menu.


  • Pumpkin empanadas
  • Green Chile Cheeseburger sliders
  • Sweet potato skins with avocado


  • Spicy margaritas
  • Apple spiced sangria
  • Cinnamon apple cider

Wedding Entrees

  • Carne adovada
  • Stacked red or Green Chile enchiladas
  • Chicharrones tacos
  • Butternut Squash with rice and beans
  • Mushroom risotto


  • Spiced flan
  • Mini pumpkin pies
  • Spiced carrot cake bites

Winter Wedding Ideas for Your Menu

Winter wedding menu
What Should I Serve at my Winter Wedding

If your wedding takes place in the winter, consider serving winter vegetables and warming foods. Make your menu festive with seasonal drinks and food and get your guests into the celebrating spirit. New Mexican cuisine offers lots of warming meals.


  • Tortilla soup shooters
  • Butternut squash quesadillas
  • Bacon wrapped asparagus


  • Mulled wine
  • Spiked apple cider
  • Tequila spiked hot chocolate
  • Mexican Atole

Wedding Entrees

  • Tamales
  • Stuffed Bell peppers
  • Stuffed sopapillas
  • Brisket with winter vegetables


  • Red velvet cake
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Chocolate flan
  • Churros

How Should I Plan My Wedding Menu?

Once you have decided what season to have your wedding in, it is time to start with the planning. Follow these few steps to make planning your wedding go as smoothly as possible.

1. Plan Ahead

Make sure you give yourself enough time to contact caterers, plan a menu, and decide what kind of foods you should serve at your wedding. Taking all of this into account earlier rather than later will help you in the long run.

2. Decide on a Budget and the Number of Guests

A budget is always important when planning a wedding. You will need to have a good idea of what the food you want to serve will cost, as well as how many people will be served. You will need to decide if you will want a small group for your wedding, or want to serve more people in a more casual style event.

3. Consider What Your Guests Would Like to Eat

While your own preferences are important, be sure to keep the tastes and preferences of your guests in mind. Try not to serve food that you don’t think many will like. Choosing crowd pleasing options will keep both you and your guests happy.

4. Decide How You Want Your Wedding to Go

Deciding on the flow of your wedding is important. Aside from deciding what foods you should have at your wedding, you will need to decide when each course gets served.

5. Stay True to What You Want

While it is important to keep your guests in mind, ultimately you should serve food that you are happy with and that is true to yours and your fiancé’s tastes. Just like with any other parts of planning a wedding, deciding what food you should serve depends much on your own personal preferences.

The Bottom Line on What Kind of Food You Should Serve at Your Wedding

No matter what, choose a menu that appeals to you and will keep your guests happy. New Mexican cuisine is a good choice due to its flavor and versatility. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing what kind of food you should serve at your wedding, so be sure to take into account all the factors discussed above.


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